About Us

With more than 20 years of experience, we continue to exist in the sector by keeping development at the forefront. With our renewed brand Pergafood, on our way to Izmir, Turkey and Vancouver, Canada, we continue with our branches. Knowing the value of the land that nature offers to us, we process every seed and sprout with great devotion through controlled agricultural practices.

Thanks to our contracted farmers, we receive our labor with quality and efficient products. The basis of business principles is the principle of "sustainable reliability". We continue to work with all our strength with quality service and offer our products to all over the world.

At the same time we are a manufacturer of olives and olive oil products, we provide services with our fully equipped facility and laboratory. More than 15 countries and we continue to serve the market in Turkey. We are proud of delivering you the right and reliable product at the right time with our growing company.

Pergafood is an international trade, import/export consulting company serving food industry on the global market. With strong international expertise in food industry, our team provides insight and guidance through all your international business activities.

Through a keen understanding of international trade policies, we provide recommendations and insights that add value to your business. Our team of experts put their range of skills and competencies at your service in order to proficiently and professionally engage your executives, export manager, international managers, and international sales force to fully comprehend the intricacies of international trade.

Strategic international sourcing services, quality control management experts, trading consultants, integrated shipping and 3PL logistics specialists, customs brokers, warehousing and distribution agents are critical to your import and export business success in today’s global market. At Pergafood, our expertise covers all your business needs.

Our Core Values

We are resolutely committed to understanding customer’s business needs, which in turn directs our constant organizational improvement towards harnessing ways to remain competitive, efficient and effective. This robust commitment to continuous improvement has resulted in our competitive advantage.

Our Vision and Mission

Our aim is to provide exceptional and customized services & solutions to both importers and exporters on the global market. Our aspirations are to serve as a bridge between factories, importers and exporters and to create a reliable strategic supply chain for them to utilize. This helps exporting companies penetrate new international markets, market their products or services and reduce the risks associated with conducting business in unfamiliar foreign markets.

Our mission includes providing our business trade partners with the chance to enter to operate on the global markets with mitigated risk. We also guarantee that our level of customer service will be incomparable to any other company in the business.